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Saturday, February 25, 2012

How to Use the Map

Once you install the plug-in, the Google Earth map at the top of this blog will automaticaly keep the currently reported postion in view.  You can just leave the page open and let it do it's thing if you like.  When the team is moving, the position will be updated about every 15 minutes.

However, the 3D map is fully interactive and tons of fun to play with!!  Explore!  You can click and drag the map left and right or in and out with your mouse or use the navigation controls that appear on the upper right side of the map:
From top to bottom, these controls allow you to:
  • (circle with the 'eye' icon) change the view from the 'camera' including spinning about the compass.  Click on the 'N' to cause the map to orient North up.
  • (circle with the 'hand' icon) move the camera around - left, right, in, out (same is click and draging on the map).
  • (+ - slider) zoom in and zoom out of the map
You can also click on the placemarks for the camps (such as "Camp I") and the camera will fly to a pre-defined view for that placemark.  It will also display information about that camp in a balloon window.  Clicking a route segment (the line between the camps) will display information about the segement of the route, such as distance and the amount of elevation gained.  The track marks can also be clicked on for more information too.

Become a navigation expert (and impress your friends) by checking out the full user documentation on Navigating in Google Earth.  It's worth a look!!

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