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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Alpha Nerd Trekker

I will be carrying the state-of-the-art RainOn Adventure Tech field kit as I venture into the Khumbu.  RainOn Adventure Tech is a hand selected set of devices, apps, and accessories for location sharing, expedition dispatches, documentation, and entertainment.
The iPhone is the heart of the RainOn Adventure Tech field kit and acts as our field computer, media input, capture, and editor, communications device, and entertainment source (e-reader, music, movies, and games).

We are very excited to be using the mophie juice pack plus for the iPhone 4 and testing the exciting, new mophie juice pack powerstation PRO to more than double the battery life of the iPhone in such a stylish and cool case. Also the mophie's standard micro USB connector for charging means one less cable for us to carry. The same cable is also used to charge the zoomIt SD card adaptor and the standard Apple iPod cable is not needed in the field. In our opinion, mophie makes the best battery cases for iOS devices and we can't wait to check the performance to over 20,000 ft. in and around Mt. Everest.

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