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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 05 - Thame to Khumjung

This morning we left our lodge at Thame and traveled just down the way to the home of Lapka Rita Sherpa and were offered tea by his mother and father.  It was quite special.  We also had another Khata ceremony and received a blessing and another scarf.  Quite cool!

The weather was clear with occasional clouds but we were treated to many amazing peak views.  Camera were clicking off all day.  We retraced our route in from Namche, stopping for lunch in Phurte.  Before we reached Namche, we took the high trail to the left and climbed past the Syangboche airstrip and on up to Khumjung.  It was a good workout.  I think that tomorrow will be fun too, as we will drop down to the Dudh Kosi river cross a bridge and then climb switchbacks up to the Tengboche Monastery at 12,664 ft. then we will descend to our nights stay in Deboche.  It's about 4.32 miles with an elevation loss of 2,588 ft. before climbing basically the same again.

The village of Khumjung is really a site to see.  Wonderful layout and more of those great stone buildings.  After we checked into the Himalayan Chain Resort, quite a few of us headed to the Everest Bakery here in Khumjung for some apple pie (of course) and then we headed down here to the Internet cafe.  Looking around the room there are nine of us there typing away.

We are NOT roughing it.  Life is good in the Khumbu.


  1. Eating apple pie again?? If I would have known the food was this good, I may have wanted to come too!! Sounds wonderful once again! What kind of tea did you have at Sherpa Rita's parents house? Is it some kind of blend that is unique to the area?
    Happy Trekking my Khumbu Tootz!

  2. It's a wonderful Life alright!! I can just see you smiling the whole time and taking in every second of the amazing scenery!
    Will you be doing anything extra special nice on Easter Sunday? I wouldn't doubt there could be an Egg Hunt along the way!! Haha!