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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 15 - Kurt The Electrician

Today I had a solitary focus: repair the solar charging and power system. After breakfast, I finished up work on replacing the new battery and started in on rebuilding the solar charging systems from the ground up. I redid all of the electrical splices and measured the voltage with a multimeter at all connections. I found and fixed the issue that was preventing optimal charging.

At lunch time the climbing team came in from their training on the ice with a course that the guides had configured.

Most of the afternoon was spend hanging out and charging electronics. Dinner was a great steak and mashed potatoes. The movie tonight by popular vote was "Old School." One of my favorites.

Weather was great again today but it really cooled off once the Sun went behind the mountains. Tomorrow should be even more laid back for me with nearly all my work on the power system completed. More training for the climbers. I rather enjoyed hang around and fixing things today.



  1. with all your technical skills they are aren't going to want you to leave.

  2. You are the true Nerd In Nepal and I miss my Nerd in Sammamish!

  3. oh so jealous that you have time to indulge in basecamp life! loving every entry of your blog. be safe up there in the clouds!