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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Days 16 & 17 - The Everest Dream Continues

I got a call from my publisher and he yelled at me about all the angry emails he received over the fact that I made no dispatch yesterday. Well truth be told, I did nothing yesterday and that included not sending a dispatch. It was the very definition of a "rest" day. The highlight of the day was that I took a shower. Sure, it was glorious, but there are some things I like to keep private, like my bathroom time. Please no questions.

Also yesterday - our expedition leader, Garret, and our Sidar, Lapka Rita Sherpa attended the annual meeting of the Everest expedition teams down at the Russell Brice's HiEx camp. This is where all the white leaders discuss plans for fixing the rope on the routes, establish timelines, roles, and responsibilities. And then the next day the Sherpa Sidars get together and set the actual plans. :-)

After dinner, we watched 5 of 7 Years in Tibet.

== The Next Day (today) ==

After our breakfast of spectacular scrabbled eggs, bacon, and toast, the team set out to the ice for more training. Today I tagged along, even without my crampons, and spent the time watching the show and taking tens of photos and a time lapse video of the action. It was super fun and truly wished my gear was here to allow me to join in. Fixed line travel, jumaring up vertical ice with front pointing, horizontal ladder crossing, rappelling, etc. Great fun.

We came in for a great lunch and then the climbing team had a team meeting at 3pm to discuss the 3 hour round trip hike into the Khumbu Ice Fall tomorrow. It is possible that I might go, but likely not. My climbing gear was supposed to show up today, but I haven't seen it yet.

At 4pm, our base camp cook, Jenny set up scones with fresh cream and tea. Cheeri-o! Also about that time my plans for a time lapse video of the sunset, base camp lighting up, and the stars coming out were dashed by snow. It's been coming down a bit harder than we've seen.

Dinner in 20 minutes and then another movie. But first the last 2 Years in Tibet. I'm also going to premiere my Khumbu Ice Training short film (58 seconds).

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  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha!! I was laughing so hard reading this one! Super entertaining stuff my Tootz!
    Love you