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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 02 - Phakding to Namche

The fantastic thunderstorms blew thru in the night and we had a beautiful day today. I picked up a little sun glow (aka light sunburn), but it feels good.

Steve and I were up at 5:50 am, packed up, and in the warm dinning room for hot drinks at 6:30. Oatmeal was brought out for a warm up and I mixed in my whey protein power and Justin's peanut butter. Good call Denise! Yum. After our full breakfast of eggs, toast, and potatoes, we grabbed our day packs and headed out from Phakding at 8,661 ft. bound for 11,319 ft. elevation of Namche. Our largest single day elevation gain (I think).

The first couple of hours trace along the river in the deep canyon. I think that most of the SPOT tracking devices were not able to get a good satellite signal, same as yesterday -- so most of the tracking will be from here out. The beautiful hike was much like the Sierras. Pine trees, great views of the roaring river and an occasional rhododendron. We criss crossed the turquoise colored Duth Kosi river several times on suspension bridges.

We took an early lunch break after an hour and a half of comfortable hiking at the Monjo Guest House. A bowl of noddles and a plate of vegetables and (more) potatoes with a Nepal bread hit the spot.

Shorty after the team checked in at the entrance of the Sagarmatha National Park in which Mt. Everest is located. A bit later we crossed the final bridge for the day and began the 2,000 ft. climb up the hill to Namche that took us about two hours. In order to acclimatize properly we need to move a slow pace in order to gain the altitude without tearing the body down so recovery becomes much more difficult at altitude.

At Namche, which a wonderful ring of shops, homes, and guest houses arranged in a horseshoe shaped bowl of terraces, we arrived at our home for two nights, the Panorama Lodge & Restaurant. Located on once of top terraces, absolutely beautiful place with a stunning views of Namche and some of the great peak in the area. Dinner was meat and you guest it, potatoes.

Our Sitar, Lapka Rita Sherpa served us chocolate cake to desert. More Yum. (maybe this is a food spotting blog)

We have a nice room with a hot shower and I took advantage of before returning to the dinning room to bring you this dispatch. :-) It's now 9:15 PM and everyone has gone to bed except me and the Sherpa. Not a word of English being spoken.

Tomorrow it's breakfast at 7 and then we are off to climb up to the Khumjung and the Everest View Hotel. Which hopefully the clouds will allow to live up to its name and offer us our first view of Mt. Everest. I'm pretty excited!

Oh, one more thing: We have Yak!!! I repeat we have Yak!!


  1. Fantastic picture of you and Steve! Good lookin' climbers! Thanks for the Yak photo! I just love a good Yak photo! Seems like you guys are eating like Kings. Who would have thought?
    I would like a slice of that chocolate cake too!
    Love you

  2. I agree- a yak AND chocolate cake?! What more is there to life? I am seeing the beginnings of a food blog too. Beautiful pictures and such great descriptions make me feel as if I am there with you- which I am in spirit! Enjoy.

  3. Yak, chocoloate and your fancy hat! I like how you are keeping a sense of style during your climbing adventure and eating well. Can't wait to see photos tomorrow.

  4. I love the hat too! I picked it out for him and thought it had an "Indiana Jones" feel and he could use a little Dr.Jones on this adventure!!

  5. I'm so jealous of every step! I always wanted to pet the yaks but they aren't too approachable; as the sherpa say: "they are grumpy because they have a hard life". ;-)

    go go go, higher higher higher!!