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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mother Nature Rules!!

Our first trekking piece had very light rain. Just 2 minutes before we were set to move on from our first break, the real rain started. Rather than pressing on we ducked into the tea-house to wait out the rain a bit. Good call because it quickly turned into a full blown thunderstorm with an amazing downpour and kick ass lightening and thunder. Super cool to watch as we sipped lemon tea in the dry.

When it let up we pressed on still raining a bit with excellent sky show and deep, loud, earth shaking thunder. Quite a show and amazing views of the river below and the fantastic terraced hillsides. We looked on with wonder at the shear amount of work that when into those terraced while nature's soundtrack played on.

But things were just warming up. 20 minutes more down the trail and things really cut loose. Hail and rain started to come down like I've never seen. The guides all remarked they had never seen anything like it in all their years in the Khumbu!! It was amazing! Fortunately, the tea-houses at quite frequent and we got to -- actually HAD to -- watch the show from another warm, dry, tea-house. This does not suck.

It's about another hour and change to our day's destination so it's all enjoyable. So much hail has come down that it looks like a coat of snow blanketing the area.

BTW: a got a great video of all the action that I will hope to post tonight.

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